Parvovirus is a serious disease that affects unvaccinated dogs of all ages. It spreads easily between dogs and can cause their death.

Dog faeces (poo) are the most common source of the virus, so dogs can pick it up from the soil or other dogs. It can also be spread by contact with other dogs, contaminated footwear, clothing, bedding, food and water bowls and toys.

Preventing parvovirus

Puppies should be vaccinated at:

  • 8 weeks of age
  • 12 weeks of age
  • 16 weeks of age
  • then yearly thereafter.

If your dog or puppy is not fully vaccinated you should limit your pet’s contact with other animals and avoid places where your dog could be exposed to parvovirus (e.g. dog parks, pet stores, training classes etc).  When socialising your pet before this time, it’s important to ensure the other animals are fully vaccinated.

Adult dogs – vaccinate once a year to prevent them from contracting the virus. You should discuss your dog’s circumstances with your vet.


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